By now you may know that I made it to the Axis Show!

I came out with orders from places like Dubai, Shanghai, Montreal and Barbados! 
Thank you a million times and a million times more because your donations totaling to $2,495 [after donation site fees and including cash donations] made it seem not so crazy that I risked signing a contract to participate in a show that I had no idea how I would fund! 

The valuable lesson here is truly that if you put yourself out there, if you take risks, pray and accept opportunity and challenges as your prayers-answered, God will see you through the details. He will put people in your life who will help you, he will put ideas in your thoughts to guide you and books or websites in your path for you to stumble on. 

This journey wasn't without a bit of fear, nerves and doubt. But unwavering faith kept me going. And I thank you for believing in this with me. 

Those of you who should be receiving gifts for your donation amount can expect them by mid to the end of this month. 

Those who would like to shop the site can do so with the promo code loveff for 20% off! 


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