Hi lovelies!

I know it's been super long. 
And I've wanted to come back for so long but I've def overcomplicated it. 

My omowrites.com wordpress had a virus. My domain was bought. I thought it was over for sure and maybe that all meant that it was meant to be that way. I changed the name of my personal insta from @omowrites to @ms.tnemnroda. Before I knew it, someone scooped up @omowrites and it seemed to be in the past for good... except in my mind. 

Turns out, it wasn't difficult at all to come back. I realized that I still had my blogger account. Alive and well...maybe sleeping and well. But ready for me to post on nonetheless! 

I deactivated the forwarding function that sent you from omowrites.net automatically to the now defunct omowrites.com and here I am! 

Do you guys welcome me back? 

I've bought a light ring and will be posting lots of video content as well. Something that I just started to dabble in towards the end of my last O.M.O. writes era. 

You can find me on snap at https://www.snapchat.com/add/tnemnrodaogsam
My personal IG is @ms.tnemnroda
My business IG is @tnemnroda 
...what else? That's it huh? I'm not really on twitter but you can find me at @maisontnemnroda 

See below for my time at VH1 Live this week with Rotimi and Angelica of The Shade Room. 

Be ready for video posts, updates on products I'm trying, my space renovations, designs I'm creating and of course trends I'm spying! 


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