I knew I couldn't be the only one advocating for the convenience of moist towelettes or just plain ol' baby wipes as I mentioned in my "O.M.O. Secrets" post. //Read here//


NYT Fashion jumps on amazing-ness in a wipe to feature the onslaught of a million reason to use them. From Sunscreen to tanning bronzer to deodorant the wipes have been infused with whatever you can think of, packaged and sold as some ingenuine idea!

I hold fast to my initial POV, use a good unscented hypo-allergenic baby wipes for makeup removal or a quick freshen up session and most needs--your life will be changed forever. But feel free to supplement with a few specialty wipes.
Sunscreen wipes //here//
Self Tanner wipes //here//
Deodorant wipes //here//



alina said... @ August 24, 2011 at 7:04 AM

Result oriented products..loving it.

suncreen products

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