It's the New York Times! It's "All the news that's fit to print!" As a journalism major in school, I was taught that the New York Times is the newspaper authority. So when you're featured among the pages, print or digital, it's...ummm...kind of a big deal.

Shouts to Josh and Trav of Street Etiquette who earned a feature on NYT Fashion for their development of a niche of fashion that orginated eras ago--Dandy style. They're hailed in the article for their partnerships with companies like Nike and Sebago, congratualated for their planned college tour and admired for their step out of the normal static street style poses and introduction of active, in motion editorial personal style shots.

Any one who's read Street Etiquette knows what a leap it is for men's fashion. Even Mos Def, now mentor of the duo recognizes their influence saying, "They want to elevate the awareness level of young people in their communities. As opposed to ‘We’re better than y’all,’ it’s ‘You can be this, too.’ All of it is a political expression,” he said. “White people have all kinds of archetypes, from Brad Pitt to Al Bundy, everything in between. The cultural paradigms that are aggressively promoted to young black people and young poor people are extremely narrow.”


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