In the way beyond midnight hour...some thoughts...let's call them O.M.O. secret tips!

Always wear nice underwear!
My mom used to say it was because, if God forbid, you end up in the emergency room and they need to undress you, you won't be embarrassed. But I'd take it a step further and say wear sexy underwear! In my graphic/artsy mumu-belted tshirt dress, I still felt sexy, 1. because I was wearing cute heels but 2. but also because I knew what I had on underneath. The "The Lacey" from Vicky Secret is my fave. Lacy AND comfortable. No matter what you're wearing, you'll feel amaze knowing that you have incredible undergarments on!
Baby wipes are always your friend.
I have a pack of non scented baby wipes in my bathroom, in my night stand drawer in the boudoir and sometimes in a ziplock in my purse! They're great for all the afters of things: after yoga/workout, after the restroom, after sex, after a long-night-out-when-you-can't-bother-to-actually-wash-your-face-before-bed [makeup wipes are a waste, baby wipes are multi-use!]

Practice discretion.
No one likes a Chatty Cathy. Know when to zip the lip. Know when less is more. Know when to listen. Know when to answer something with silence and a look. My looks speak volumes! People respect discretion far more than putting it all out there.

Never tell a guy when you're length is fake.
Since wearing extentions a few of my guy friends have been amazed and hynotized by the growth spurt, only for me to ruin the dream with "oh, these are my pieces!" [This is where discretion should come in]. They've all said they'd rather not know the deets on whether my length is legit.

Give collarbone.
My mom always said that the collarbone or as they say in fashion "D├ęcolletage" is so sexy. It's def the most sexy thing on a woman before we move down to the obscene. Own it. Wear it. Work it!
I don't have a lastly but hope you've enjoyed these! :)


Natalia said... @ August 7, 2011 at 8:46 PM

You are and always will be one of my favorite writers! I miss you dearly chica and I don't know how but you've got to make it down to Tejas sometime!


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