As you know my eyewear line is called TNEMNRODA, so I've started a youtube channel that focuses on talks that guide you in adorning your life, not just your sunnies [in positivity and power].

So far, I've been discussing a lot of the thinking practices that I've adopted to stay grounded in my dreams and the execution of them. The video above dives deeper into a concept that I explore in a previous video of changing your mindset and creating new dreams for yourself.

So while you're daring to dream big dreams for yourself, take it a step further. Dream beyond your geographical limits.

During my 2 week trip between New Orleans and Houston, I thought: what would I do differently if location was of no hinderance? See what you come up with for yourself and let me know if you end up moving! ;)


My fave things to wear before it got super chilly were all of the above. Thigh high boots, cut offs and the JoJo Sunnies from my eyewear line. While the Gucci bag is aspirational, I still plan on busting this look out when I'm in  Houston or LA. 

Visit www.maisontnemnroda.com for the JoJo Sunnies 


Hi lovelies!

I know it's been super long. 
And I've wanted to come back for so long but I've def overcomplicated it. 

My omowrites.com wordpress had a virus. My domain was bought. I thought it was over for sure and maybe that all meant that it was meant to be that way. I changed the name of my personal insta from @omowrites to @ms.tnemnroda. Before I knew it, someone scooped up @omowrites and it seemed to be in the past for good... except in my mind. 

Turns out, it wasn't difficult at all to come back. I realized that I still had my blogger account. Alive and well...maybe sleeping and well. But ready for me to post on nonetheless! 

I deactivated the forwarding function that sent you from omowrites.net automatically to the now defunct omowrites.com and here I am! 

Do you guys welcome me back? 

I've bought a light ring and will be posting lots of video content as well. Something that I just started to dabble in towards the end of my last O.M.O. writes era. 

You can find me on snap at https://www.snapchat.com/add/tnemnrodaogsam
My personal IG is @ms.tnemnroda
My business IG is @tnemnroda 
...what else? That's it huh? I'm not really on twitter but you can find me at @maisontnemnroda 

See below for my time at VH1 Live this week with Rotimi and Angelica of The Shade Room. 

Be ready for video posts, updates on products I'm trying, my space renovations, designs I'm creating and of course trends I'm spying! 


By now you may know that I made it to the Axis Show!

I came out with orders from places like Dubai, Shanghai, Montreal and Barbados! 
Thank you a million times and a million times more because your donations totaling to $2,495 [after donation site fees and including cash donations] made it seem not so crazy that I risked signing a contract to participate in a show that I had no idea how I would fund! 

The valuable lesson here is truly that if you put yourself out there, if you take risks, pray and accept opportunity and challenges as your prayers-answered, God will see you through the details. He will put people in your life who will help you, he will put ideas in your thoughts to guide you and books or websites in your path for you to stumble on. 

This journey wasn't without a bit of fear, nerves and doubt. But unwavering faith kept me going. And I thank you for believing in this with me. 

Those of you who should be receiving gifts for your donation amount can expect them by mid to the end of this month. 

Those who would like to shop the site can do so with the promo code loveff for 20% off! 


Hi lovely! 

Thanks so much for your time and attention. 

Thanks so much if you have already donated! The rallied support in less than two weeks has been incredible! THANK YOU! Please know that you have contributed to a total of $2,080 so far! Including cash donations, I am about 40% of the way through attaining my goal!

That much closer to securing my seat at the Axis Show! 

PLUS:: We have support from Rocket Hub! They like our campaign so much that they have interviewed and featured us on their blog today! 

I really hope that you can help me make it to my goal: presenting to buyers at Axis and expanding the reach of TNEMNRODA to girls all over the country and beyond through the stores they shop! 

To make a donation please visit this page: 



Hi guys!
Sam, here. I hope you are doing well and a belated Happy New Year! 

Even if I may have not spoken to you in a while, I'm so honored to be in the position to ask of you--to have a brand and a cause so important to me as to bring me to this place.   

I followed the spontaneous urge this past Sunday to contact the Axis Show for a spot in their already buzzed about debut trade show to come on February 22nd. My fashion friends, you already know exactly how major this is!

To my surprise but according to my prayers, we were accepted immediately--even outside of the application process! So with the biggest opportunity of TNEMNRODA's career so far, comes the biggest cost we've ever been faced: 2 weeks to deliver $5K to present in the show!   

Please help me make this prayer-come-true, a true reality. I ask that you rally with me in monetary support by contributing to the $5k needed to make it to the Axis Show. To see ways in which you can donate and the amazing gifts I have for you in return click HERE !

If you are in NYC, I would love to see you!
Join me for a cocktail hour to view the collection, chat + donate!
Tuesday, Feb 10th 6-8pm
Corner Social, 321 lenox ave (at 126th Street), NYC 



Just as the blogger followers are coming in like hotcakes, I have to say goodbye to blogger. But fret not! Just head over to OMOWRITES.COM!

That's right, we're dot-com-ing it, my lovelies! Still working on the layout, but the general gist is available as are current posts. Thanks so much for reading O.M.O. Writes on blogger and for those who followed via the blogger tool.