I've been following Maikhanh's work for about 3 years, since her days of designing for the brand Rebel Dance when her aesthetic surrounded it self around revolution, rebellion, the power of art and the celebration of such.

Purifiying her aesthetic down to a focus on fine fabrics and flexible silhouettes, she has gone back to the essence of her design tendencies with SOLIPSISM. Even the color palette strives for clean in it's monochromatic style options. It's a line that ideal for layering, accesorizing the hell out of and just making your own to wear every day!

The collection title sounds like a name of a theory. What is the meaning behind it?
Basically, Solipsism is the idea that you can only be sure of your own mind's existence; and that the outside is merely a figment of your imagination.

This gave me the confidence to design clothes that are intimate and introspective but also audacious and bold. I also like the title Solipsism because it also applies to M.KHANH, as if it were the essence of what the label is meant to be.

You mentioned to me that this collection is more personal for you, why is that?
M.KHANH is more personal because I now design to dream and no longer to start a rebellion of some sort. //See past post on her previous collection REBEL DANCE// 'Our role is to dream and inspire rather than collude in impacting reality.' Dries Van Noten. I feel that.

It is also more personal because I feel that my original aesthetic is more poignant with M.KHANH. The materials, silhouettes and fabrication are more high end while keeping their modernity, sensuality and edge.


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