Cotton, also known as the "fabric of our lives," has taken an increase in price over the past few months. Due to a couple of bad crops in India, China, and Pakistan, the fabric that has been a good ol' American standby has been in an unusual high demand.

Retailers and production managers EVERYWHERE have been scrambling to book units for Fall 2011 production in the midst of the shortage. Guys, it's officially a crisis when Hanes is struggling due to the surge in price for cotton! So what does that mean for us?

We need to find a way to look and feel amazing in alternative fabrics. One suggestion is slinky jersey-- this is such a fun thing to say, but it's such an amazing fabric as well. Mr. Wang uses it a lot in his collections. Its a combo of Viscose + Spandex, and is flattering to the body and uber-soft.

Another blended fabric and fave of mine is poly-cotton. Polyester has such a bad rep, but some of my best tees are American Apparel's 50-20-20 fabrication, your poly-cotton. Viscose as Rayon is now more popularly called, is a man-made fiber--super comfy and breathes. Even called artificial silk upon in creation, it's worth a gander!

Lastly Modal, a natural fiber, is soft, great for bedding and some how so often used in H&M pieces. Be wary of it's short lifetime due to pilling.

I hope this crash-course in fabrics can prepare you in remaining fabulous amidst this global shortage in the fiber we've taken so for granted. And if you have not, email me! I am more than happy to give you the scoop in all things dope and all things fashionZ...

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