DEETS: H&M sweatshirt, American Apparel jeans, Aldo wedges, Uniqlo men's HeatTech socks, Odd & Even cuffs

I'm playing with the idea of putting all my looks into these fairytale princess frames. What do you think?

This is what I wore to help my friend shop with a Diesel Stipend for a Diesel trip. Personal shopping calls for something cute but comfortable.

Check out my Aldo wedges with these new HeatTech socks by Uniqlo. Got a gift card from a HeatTech event and have bought two styles of the men's socks already. They're long enough to bunch and cute enough to wear with sandals. I wear a grayish-oatmeal cable knit style with my brown sandals. They're a snart way to extend the life of your favorite spring/summer wedges!


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