So here's the rundown!
1. Fashion's Night Out is Manana and I have my itinerary planned for once! Third time's a charm, I guess. Have no idea where to go? See my plans //here//
1A. It's freezing and I think I may wear my hat like Stevie Dance in the shot above!
2. After reading Blogging Your Way to the Front Row by Yuli Ziv, I've been integrating tips knowingly and, some how, subconsciously. Shouts to me for getting a real [starter] camera Nikon P500 and a photographer with a better camera who will take street shots of me. oooh! Thanks for the inspo, Yuli!
3. I bought two other amaze books on Amazon: Rework by Jason Fried and Ellements of Personal Style by Joe Zee

Bonus point: I'm having a great time enjoying my world, not the "real" world. Hope you are as well! See what I'm talking about //here//


Shan said... @ September 7, 2011 at 9:05 AM

I saw a hat similar to that in target I was so tempted to buy it but I'm rocking big hair so it kinda just sits on top of my head weirdly. Anyway Yay! fashion night out and yay! new camera.

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