You have to know who Erika David is! But if not, let me put you on.

My sister and I would sit around and watch her videos of covers for hours...along with B. Scott videos that we had basically memorized! Always in awe of this girl's ability to meld her voice to different styles, change the point of view of pieces to create her own girl version, like the oldie but goodie, Bed [that again, me and my sister wished was recorded and downloadable!]. You know you loved that song. See her version //here//

Ummm...that video was from '07. Wish I could say I've been following consistently since then, but so glad to have come across her page again, now a mega channel! Subscribe to her //here//

Her and Bobby V? Amaze! Bobby V kills me actually, with the half singing with the gum and he turning-on-and-off-the-faucet hand movements! Love it!


Makeup by Sherry Blossom said... @ June 7, 2011 at 2:01 PM

I used to watch Youtubers do covers of songs for hours. A friend of mine actually has a few. Beautynae24 (i believe) she used to sing with The Broadway kids (they would do the soundtracks for the Broadway shoes like The Lion King and Rent). I wish I could sing

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