One of the most difficult questions to answer is what it takes to be a MAN [Note: It's impossible].

The stock definition of man as a muscle bound machismo wielding hand tools, aviators, and big boots fails to mention the man who isn't afraid to be feminine in appearance and lifestyle; bravely shattering stereotypes of a discriminating world.

The only given is that every man has a particular way of progressing through the various stages that define manhood. With Glenn O'Brien's new book How to Be A Man: A Guide to Style and Behavior For the Modern Gentleman, I doubt that you'll be getting a definition of the cookie-cutter man, but more of a guide for what makes a good man, regardless of lifestyle.

On top of that, the words are from GQ's Style Guy. I'd have to say that's a pretty authoritative source of wisdom.

How To Be A Man: A Guide To Style And Behavior For The Modern Gentleman, by Glenn O'Brien will be available April 11 (Rizzoli).
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