What is Kanye West's "Runaway?" Can we call it a visual mixtape of his upcoming project? A gallery of his most recent works? However it's classified, we can definitely call it amazing...all 34 minutes and 33 seconds.

"Your girlfriend is really beautiful. Do you know she's a bird?"
Kanye: "No, I never noticed that."

Love it! And part where 'Ye plays on his mixer and Selita Ebanks, the Phoenix saved from an accident by 'Ye starts dancing...isn't it a bit sexual as if that's how they intercourse since she's a bird and he's an entertainer. I know that's not just me!

The layers of meaning and superficiality and egotism run so deep. It's absolutely intoxicating and sickening! Kanye, you're my hero.


Miss Mary Mac--Jatae Monique said... @ October 31, 2010 at 5:01 PM

It was definitely great!

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