While making one last lap around the park with Steph, I scoped out the crowd for cute people to shoot and spotted a spunky girl in a teal onesie that screamed take my picture!

I approached and she already knew who I was! That's what happens when you put your face on a blog that [Thank God!] people read! My mom says she looks like she would read the blog and that she's wearing something that she could see me in. That all makes sense, huh?

So for another entry in the "Always Say Hi" Series, I introduce you to one of our O.M.O. kin, Leah. Hey guuuurrrl! *waves*


relita said... @ July 22, 2010 at 7:43 AM

oh my, will you be my friend? You look so stunning. both of you do, btw.

x reliet

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