Contrary to popular belief, I don't really live in trendy parts of Brooklyn or Soho. But I am there...pretty much all the time. So being from and still living in The Bronx, I glad to rep for my borough.

We may not have sushi bars like Bushwick or French restaurants serving crepes on the Ave. like 125th but we'll be back on the cultural map in no time if we keep this up. See the new projects below for what I mean.

First up, my boy Sidney a.k.a. Shortman Score along with Frank Ramz have produced a video with director Nando right here in The Bronx. It's for their new single off their upcoming project No Fly Zone titled, "Down in the BX." Frank Ramz says, "This was all done with no budget, we just parlayed around the good ol' Bronx and made something out of nothing."

Frank Ramz Twitter
Shortman Score Twitter
Nando Twitter


Then there's another Bronxite homie doing his thing for The Bronx. The PR and Marketing Saavy, Mike McKenzie and his photo-video-web-savvy partner, Mecca join forces to create the first creative studio of our day. Go there for all your studio photog projects or just to hang. See more crazy shots I took there, here.



-manda. said... @ June 7, 2010 at 11:42 AM

Seriously, I love being from the livest borough in the city. I really want this as my personal theme song.


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