• Although blogs are the shit, we still need magazines as I don't see myself producing a shoot with Liya or Freja for O.M.O. anytime in the near future...nyt
  • You can make a grip on Etsy. But really? You can make a grip following your dreams and passions. Get some if you haven't already. and i promise I won't ever say grip again;) nyt
  • A model great has passed. RIP Naomi Sims. Steph
  • Fellas, thank you for making your new aesthetic: "dressed up." For the older guys who see dressing down as success...time to step it up. nyt
  • YSL rings are amazing. And as usual I'm inspired...more personal than newsy but you should still know. mydailystyle
  • Amber is in Vibe looking amazing with that fashion-y toupee icannot
That's all the news I think you MUST know for now. Hope you feel abreast.


Anuli said... @ January 4, 2010 at 12:40 AM

I agree with everything said. Especially the first one because I would just die; not Rachel Zoe die, but actually die and be in a coffin without hard copy magazines in my life.

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