It definitely pays to be chatty. It earned me a preview of the Et Derive showroom. And who would have known that the couple, Sam and Sarah Bridgman, selling dollar vintage digs actually were the creators of a trend forecasting/vintage archive/art collective or that the dollar digs were the, still-amazing, cast offs of said archive!

The showroom was an amazing experience, Oscar De La Renta and the like hang from the high ceilings, and drape about couches. Art of the cosmos and photos of regular people doing regular and not so regular things seem artistic in the setting.

"Trend forecasting is definitely one important aspect of what we do, along with social / professional networking. We foresee a time when emerging designers, photographers, industry professionals, stylists, etc. will be able to consult our garment collection / database / website / magazine as a common reference point for inspiration, work opportunity, even editorial input," Sarah says.

Launch Date: Oct 31 2010
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