Noir Basic as been know for, well, keeping it basic. With this piece they kept it simple with the colorway. Black is a color that easy to sell and will never go out of style. The jacket is an instant classic.

Samantha touched up on this topic a few weeks back [check the post here] but I wanted to add to it because I believe that a lot of people mistakenly feel as if a stadium jacket is worthless unless there are patches, embroidery, or designs all over. Well that is not true. What is more important is the materials and the fit.

A good stadium jacket should be slim on the body. The elastic waist-band should not be any lower then your waist-line.

This Winter, there are a few brands who focused more on the details and fit of their stadium jacket and the end result are instant classics. Remember the saying, "sometime less is more" and in this case that statement stands tall. Here are a few pics of my favorites from Fall/Winter 2009.


Bleu de Paname diverted to an wool on wool navy blue jacket with a double thick convertible collar and wrist bands. Comfort, coziness, and warmth.

The Cool Cats x Wings + Horns collaboration gives you a different look form the rest of the jackets above. With a two-tone colorway, navy/black, they added a pocket that is not of the norm for Stadium Jackets. Yes this jacket does have a patch on the chest but it is not overly done. The one patch does not defer your focus from the design of the jacket.


For those who can not decide between a Pea-Coat or Stadium Jacket for the winter, Journal Standard made it much easier for you. They fused together a Pea-Coat and Varsity Jacket and the end result was this. Check it out, the toggles, draw-string, and hood is just perfect. Also in this picture, you can see what I was talking about when I stated "the elastic waist-band should not be any lower than your waist-line."


Sadly, Kanye decided to not release Pastelle but I wanted to use this jacket as an example of a Stadium Jacket with details. Look how he [Kanye West] mixed the wool body with suede/nubuck sleeves and a vinyl shoulder strap. Perfect example of how to play with the materials. If you look carefully, you will notice that the collar is sky-blue. This picture also exemplifies that we, street wear kids and hipsters, can still appear to be mature and clean with out straying too far away from our comfort zone.


misslikey said... @ October 26, 2009 at 5:17 AM

i love those boxy jackets on boys

DeeRay said... @ November 3, 2009 at 5:30 PM

To Misslikey... Boxy jackets are a perfect for guys.

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