I'm a sucker for good writing. And as a writer actually possessing a journalism degree, I would say that I have a trained eye to spot it.


I love WHOWHATWEARDAILY's post on light denim. The metaphorical thread is delightful. Let me know if you agree. Here's a snippet:

"In the solar system of fashion trends, if hemlines and silhouettes act like Jupiter and Saturn, denim is more like Mercury. To explain our odd astronomy reference, we simply mean that while the former orbits around the sun—er, progresses—at a stately pace, jean styles move super swiftly. Happily, you don't have to understand Kepler's laws of planetary motion to appreciate the current light-wash denim craze. Just observe how famous stylesetters like Rihanna and Rachel Zoe are wearing these pale pairs and comprehension shall be yours!"

Read the rest at http://whowhatweardaily.com.


Miss Mary Mac--Jatae Monique said... @ May 20, 2009 at 11:20 AM

you're right, that blurb is written really well!

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